Tips and Information for your new Magictec 

 Thank you for purchasing a Magictec soil sampler. This document is to provide you with information about your new Magictec.


...The Magictec is operated on 12 volt electrical power and must be connected directly to the battery. If not it will not function properly. It draws a maximum of 40 watts and is designed with 40 watt circuit breakers. This is to protect itself from destroying the electical components as they are all sized to handle a maximum of 40 watts. If the system gets overloaded or shorted, the circuit breakers will cut out thereby leaving it powerless for a short period of time until the circuit breaker auto-resets. If you are operating the Magictec and this happens, you may be using the Magictec beyond its limits. Continued operation under these conditions could soon overheat the wiring and expensive electrical components and cause failure or possible fire. (Not covered in the warranty).
2. Grease the two castings as needed to lubricate the gears and rack.
3. Keep the covers installed at all times of operaton for safety and for keeping dirt and moisture elements away from the mechanism.

The core extractor is double ended so once one end is worn you can reverse it by removing the bolt and spring and res-installing them. Notice the rubber hose for your protection from sharp edges.

Probes, tips, core extractors and other parts can be ordered on the website under Look under "replacement parts. You m ay use your credit card as we offer PayPal as a secure online payment type for your safety.
6. When replacing probes or core extractor, be sure to re-align them before operating again.
7. When replacing, tips, probes or probe studs it is recommended that you use the "Blue" locloc-tite to keep them from vibrating loose.
8. Use WD40 frequently to lubricate probes and core extractor pivot.
9. We want to make sure your experience with your new Magictec powered soils sampler is a good one!

I can be reached by email CLICK HERE.  Alternatively you can phone/text 989-529-9360.

If I am unable to answer your call please leave a message and I will contact you when I am available.